Asteroids in HTML5

Alas for your ancient coal-fired browser that doesn't support the canvas element. No game for you until you upgrade. Maybe try Firefox or Google Chrome.
Lives: 3
Score: 327
Hang on, we're getting loaded...
Press Spacebar to play.
U R Ded. Press Spacebar to play again.

Keyboard Controls:

Project for the UW's HTML5 Web and Mobile Game Development program, Winter 2013, taught by Thomas O'Connor.

Props to those who led the way: Kevin Roast Doug McInnes Atari

The game engine is based on the Quintus engine created by Pascal Rettig in Professional HTML5 Mobile Game Development. The physics engine is Box2dWeb.

Alas, it only works on computers with keyboards because my 2013 calendar is defective and only has seven days per week.